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Huge weekend of live music and fun ahead!

I thought that an update on this upcoming weekend was in order!

It’s been a while since I have gotten to wear all my various hats – live musician first, but also production manager, audio and lighting design… a wee bit of everything. I am providing live music for the ceremony and cocktail hour for Steph and Kevin, but it’s not a simple set up. There are a large number of guests, outdoors, covering a huge area, and then that area turns itself into an outdoor cocktail space.

When that’s over, we move to a huge tent where Juno nominee, singer songwriter Peter Katz will be performing a concert for everyone. Peter currently has a song on radio called “Brother” that is a duet he co-wrote and performed with Royal Wood, and I am really looking forward to performing it with him during the concert.

Following the concert, we move indoors to the banquet hall, and there, Peter will perform a song that he wrote for the wedding couple as their first dance. I will then join Peter for duets on the father/daughter and mother/son first dances. We will be performing “Moon River” and “Unforgettable” for those dances. Along the way, my old band days soundman Reiner will be joining me to make sure that Peter and I sound great, and that everything stays on time.

It has been a lot of planning and organizing on the technical side, and I have had a few new tunes to learn, both vocally and instrumentally. I hope to have some great pics and some new video when it’s all over. I am excited to do everything, and I will be happy when it’s over and everything went well, but I also know I will be sorry that it’s over as well.

This isn’t simply a wedding, but rather an event, and events like this kind of become a big part of your life as you are envisioning and working towards it.

My first blog post! Live Music and cool happenings!

Yes, I know everyone says it’s their first blog post… but it’s true!  Here I will let you know about new material I am working on, some audio samples, and some random ramblings.

One very cool happening recently;  I was playing live music for cocktail hour for Agnes & Neil’s reception, and not once, but twice did couples come to me to say I had played their wedding song!   It made me feel great that I had played their songs, and it was totally unexpected.  It’s one of the cool things about playing live – you never can tell who your songs will touch.   The two songs were ‘Forever and Ever’ by Royal Wood, and ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ by Keith Whitley.