Peace Train and Year End

Every year as the current calendar year comes to a close, we see all the images and stories that made headlines throughout the year. This year seemed to have violent, seemingly senseless acts from around the world, and in my memory, violence occurring much closer to home here in Canada.

I was watching a TV show recently that featured Cat Stevens music in the soundtrack, and it reminded me of university residence days, sitting around jamming on acoustic guitars and singing his songs. I thought about Peace Train, how it had a cool guitar lick, so I grabbed my guitar to reacquaint myself with it. By the time I was done, I had relearned the entire song.

In sitting with the lyrics, it was clear that the message that Cat Stevens was trying to convey in 1971 (written in 15 minutes while he was riding on a train), was not out of place today. Songs of our yesterday that asked for a better understanding between us as global citizens are as relevant now as they were then, perhaps even more so.

I decided to sit down with my laptop studio and do a cover of Peace Train. I played and sang all the parts and there is no intention to reinvent the song; just enjoying it for it’s elegant simplicity.

I hope you enjoy my cover of Peace Train. I wish each and every one a happy, healthy and more peaceful 2019.