Here are some samples of my work, both audio only, and some videos as well.   This is just a brief snippet to show some various styles and textures.

Cover version of Here Comes The Sun by George Harrison. I am requested to play this song at almost every event I do, so I wanted to show my version here. I did my best to keep my cover as close as possible to the original out of respect for the late George Harrison.

To Make You Feel My Love – Bob Dylan

Feels Like Home – Randy Newman

Bonnie & Ken asked me to play this song at their ceremony, and so I spent a day in June on the front porch learning and then recording the video. Yes it’s noisy, and there are cars passing by, but I think the emotion and the feel for the song is clearly present. I was also pleased to learn that the song was written by Randy Newman, so my version comes from his original recording. In the past few years it has been most closely associated with Chantal Kreviazuk.

For more samples, and to check out my band and tribute work, please see my Youtube Channel-  Rob Dice Music.YouTube